Monday, March 8, 2010

Haiti Update #3

Chase is home! He had a phenomenal, life-changing trip and said he'd turn around and go back tomorrow if he could. He came back to a house full of out-of-town guests and then is back to work today. He hasn't really had a chance to even unpack his bag, but will hopefully catch his breath in the next day or two and then post some stories himself to the blog along with some pictures.

His last day in Haiti he sent me two pictures and a funny story that I'll post below...

This tent city sprung up in the days following the earthquake. Haitians that lost their homes or who are afraid of being inside because of the aftershocks fled the neighborhoods and came into this flat area and staked out places to live. Homes are constructed by pushing four sticks into the ground, then covering them with a sheet or blanket. Lucky ones have found tarps to place over the sheet. The rainy season starts in a just a couple weeks which is a huge cause of concern for the several hundred Haitians living in these tent cities.

This picture is the hospital at Mission of Hope being built on to existing clinic. The bottom layer is done. Red doors will be entrance to prosthetics clinic. Lots of turkeys and goats around with an occasional donkey.

One funny story: I was down by the clinic and heard what sounded like a woman wailing/screaming like she was in severe pain and anguish. My thoughts were filled with the images of legs being amped or bones being set. Wounds being cleaned/debreded. Oh what must be happening to this poor soul...

It was a goat. A darn old goat with what seemed like a case of heartbreak.


Kat said... changing...I think God gives us these opportunities for just that reason.

Anonymous said...

your are simply amazing!!!! God Bless you!!!