Friday, August 24, 2007

Vacation to Florida Beach

Vero Beach was awesome! Thanks Sack family for letting us stay at your beautiful condo with you!

I took advantage of Elias' early rising (6:30am, no matter what time he went to bed) to get on the beach at sunrise. It was awesome.

Elias and his (Great) Aunt Meg.
As long as Elias has a dump truck, he's happy!

Vacation in the Adirondacks and Montreal, Canada

We've had a wonderfully busy month with trips and visitors and all kinds of fun! Here are some pics of our recent adventures.

View of Lake Placid from the top of Whiteface Mountians (where the Olympics were held).
Roastin' weenies.

Sweet coon hat! Are these the new thing or something? We saw them everywhere!

Up close and personal with a penguin at the Bio Dome in Montreal, Canada.
Cute penguins.