Friday, April 27, 2007

Walking for Marshmallows

Several people told me they couldn't access the other video, so here it is again. This video was taken on 4/9 of some of Elias' first, unassisted steps on his prosthetic leg. Now 3 weeks have gone by and he's walking on his own most of the time. He's even trying to run! I'll try and capture new video soon and will post it here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Will Walk for Marshmallows

Elias is getting better and better with taking steps on his own while wearing his prosthetic leg. Some days he walks a lot and other days he won't take a single step. On this particular day he was motivated to walk for marshmallows as his prize. (Sometimes I'm just really out of ideas on how to get him to do any practice. He's too smart and the old tricks just don't work anymore. So now I've just resorted to plain ol' bribes).


We had an awesome time with our dear friends the Crosses and their extended family on Easter. Elias had more candy that day than all his previous indulgences put together I think. Uh oh. Is this how candy obsession starts? Those darn little plastic Easter eggs!

Elias loved the Easter egg hunt, but he got a little confused halfway through and started putting his eggs back into the bushes. At which our friend's 3-year-old came tearing across the yard yelling, "He wants to shaaaare!" and promptly gathered up all his eggs from the bushes. He was having so much fun that he didn't care a bit! Since he has so many food allergies, I had a stash of eggs set aside for him anyway so that all his eggs' innards would be safe for him.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Interaction with 9-year-old girl

We got to know several patients and their families during our week at Shriner's Hospital last week. One girl was a sweet 9-year-old who has been there for quite some time. She was excited to meet some new friends so hung around us our first evening. After introductions were made, she stared at us for a while and then this conversation took place (think sweet little girl voice with hick accent) (yes- even people in NY can be hick)..

Girl: Is he adopted? (pointing to Elias)
Me: "Yes, he is."
Girl: (After thinking for a little bit) ...Well it's a good thing you didn't borned him, cause that sure would have hurt. Ouch!
Me: (Speechless)

Chase and I have had several good laughs over that. I think it'll be a good family jokes for years to come.