Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birfday Message

Interviewer: Today is your Daddy's birthday. Tell me some things about your daddy.

Elias: I like to give him some hugs. I like to give him, um, little hugs. And I like some BIG hugs. And Happy Birfday Daddy! He is a guy and he is a nice guy. And he is a big guy. And I like to work on the workshop with my Daddy. Daddy is a good boy and he is REALLY tall.

Interviewer: Anything else you'd like to say?

Elias: Nah. That's all I have.

Sideways Birfday Message from Elias

Not only is it Chase's 33rd birthday today (our ages are now all 3s- 33, 33, 3), but history was made.... Elias fell asleep on his own. I know, not shocking to most, but he has never ever ever just fallen asleep outside of a required nap time or bed time (except for in the car). Elias just fights sleep as much as he can. Today though the Tour de France had him asleep in 5 minutes...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Pickin'

We've been in East Texas for the last week, keeping Lulo and Papi company as they each recover from major surgeries. It's good to come and spend time where the grass is greener, trees are taller, air is cooler, and time moves a little slower. Most of all it's good to spend time with family.

I took Elias out to pick blackberries one day and then we went back again today. We picked over 15 pounds of berries and are getting ready to enjoy our second cobbler. Yum.

It was the perfect time for picking berries. They were huge, black, juicy and just fell off in your hand. Makes me love summer!