Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birfday Message

Interviewer: Today is your Daddy's birthday. Tell me some things about your daddy.

Elias: I like to give him some hugs. I like to give him, um, little hugs. And I like some BIG hugs. And Happy Birfday Daddy! He is a guy and he is a nice guy. And he is a big guy. And I like to work on the workshop with my Daddy. Daddy is a good boy and he is REALLY tall.

Interviewer: Anything else you'd like to say?

Elias: Nah. That's all I have.

Sideways Birfday Message from Elias

Not only is it Chase's 33rd birthday today (our ages are now all 3s- 33, 33, 3), but history was made.... Elias fell asleep on his own. I know, not shocking to most, but he has never ever ever just fallen asleep outside of a required nap time or bed time (except for in the car). Elias just fights sleep as much as he can. Today though the Tour de France had him asleep in 5 minutes...


Anonymous said...

Now I know we graduated about 5 years ago, but I'm really short, and Chase was just a WEE bit taller than me. I guess he had a late growth spurt! I'm sure Elias is incorporating the size of his heart in his height measurement. Too cute :) Happy birfday Chasers!
Karen, Jonathan and Dominic Teoli

Erin said...

I might have a problem as I just watched Elias sing Happy Birthday 5 times;)

Heather said...

He is tooo cute! We need to get together again SOON. I remembered Chase's bday all day yesterday but then we fordegot to call. Sorry! Happy Birfday anyway Uncle Cheese.

From the Harbaugh clan

Anonymous said...

okay do i hear a accent in that song????

He's getting so big!!!


have bday Chase...we miss you and the family!

Greg Rodriguez said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chase!! That's great that y'all are all 3 :) I love Elias in the video.

Love, Angie

Christina said...

Love the video!