Monday, January 28, 2008

A Boy's Dream Realized

A new house is being built two doors down from us. Today when we pulled up in our driveway I noticed two tractors working in the backyard. Just when Elias and I walked over to get a closer look, one of the workers noticed us and asked if Elias wanted to drive the tractor. He promptly picked him up and placed him right on the knee of the driver.

Luckily I had my camera in my purse and quickly yanked it out and started snapping pictures. It was hard to get a good shot considering I was on a live construction site and all. Those construction workers looked at me like I was a little strange, prancing through the mud and dirt with my camera out, lugging a shopping bag and purse while trying to stay out of the tractor's way. :-)

They let Elias drive the tractor and "trencher" the whole length of the backyard, digging deep holes in the soil to lay the pipes. Elias' face was awesome to watch. He was either very serious, concentrating on keeping that steering wheel straight and acting as if this was standard, daily business, or smiling hugely, or trying hard to suppress a grin. I also noticed that he was chatting it up the whole way with the tractor driver who was doing his best to understand him and nodding a lot, but I'm sure he didn't catch a single word from that 3 year-old voice over a loud piece of machinery. When Elias got off the tractor I told him he ran right over a snake and killed it. He thought that was the coolest part of all!

When we were walking back home, he was quiet for a while, then said, "Mom, I REALLY love bugs and tractors."

P.S. I should mention that this little adventure was after we went to a sporting goods store and Elias shot a rifle (on a laser shooting range), stood next to a stuffed bear, elephant, zebra, lion and buffalo, stared at a "talking" deer for 10 minutes, and drooled over all the spiderman fishing poles. Oh yes, a good boy day indeed. I wonder what the world holds for us after nap time is over? A bug hunt outside perhaps and flips on the trampoline?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas Card

We tried really hard to find all the addresses for our friends and family members to send out Christmas cards. If we missed you (especially if you've moved) then please forgive us, and send us your address for next year! Here are some of the pics from our Christmas card photo session.

Christmas Pictures

Christmas was a whirlwind of 3-4 days and lots of family visitin'. Elias got sick for the whole week so that was a real bummer. We have hardly any pictures of him smiling. He got to the point that he didn't even want to open presents. Of course it didn't take too much prodding to convince him.


Wow how time flies when you've moved to a new state and do nothing all the time since you don't work and have no friends yet and don't live in your own place. :-) Okay, that's only partly true. Like, the "nothing" part. Because I do make coffee at least twice a day. And wash clothes occasionally. We find an errand or two to run each day. Hmm... what else? (I am not kidding when I say that I'm thinking hard about this). Play!?! Just lots of 3-year-old play.

Oh, and we've been to Dallas 5 times, New Boston twice, and Florida for a week. And my best girlfriends from childhood came in for four days. Does all that count for something?!?!

I'll post some pictures from Christmas, New Years and other exciting events soon....