Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Video of Elias Walking

Elias is getting an MRI done right now so I'm trying to find things to keep me busy while in the waiting room... I found this video taken about a month ago of Elias walking down the driveway and then putting on his brakes (high squeaky sound) when he stops. I haven't posted any video of him walking in a while so I thought I'd update everyone with how well he is doing!

Best Friend

I just couldn't resist posting about this cute conversation between Elias and Chase....

Scene: Chase and Elias are in the car and Chase has just finished talking with me on the phone.

Chase: That was Mommy on the phone.

Elias: Yeah. I like Mommy.

Then after thinking a little bit, he adds... "She's my best friend. "

Ah! My heart is melting...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ethiopian Buddies

A couple weekends ago we went to a picnic with the Ethiopian community in our area. It was great to meet so many Ethiopian families. Best of all, our other friends who have adopted Ethiopian kiddos the age of Elias came as well. It was our first time for all three families to be together. Our kids' birthdays are all within two weeks of each other so it was fun to see how similar they all are. The kids had a blast playing!