Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Pickin'

We've been in East Texas for the last week, keeping Lulo and Papi company as they each recover from major surgeries. It's good to come and spend time where the grass is greener, trees are taller, air is cooler, and time moves a little slower. Most of all it's good to spend time with family.

I took Elias out to pick blackberries one day and then we went back again today. We picked over 15 pounds of berries and are getting ready to enjoy our second cobbler. Yum.

It was the perfect time for picking berries. They were huge, black, juicy and just fell off in your hand. Makes me love summer!


Stephanie said...

Hi guys. It's Stephanie (McElwee) Thiel. My mom gave me your blog address and I added it to my favorites...hope you don't mind!

It was great getting to see Elias this weekend. He is such a big boy and so sweet. I got 2 really cute pics of him and Scotlyn playing with the little toy cars at my parents house, but didn't put it on my last post because I wasn't sure if you guys would mind.

Anyway, I'm so glad your mom and dad are doing well after their surgeries. Your mom looked great!! It was really good to see her up and about.

Wish we could have seen you guys. Glad y'all are doing well.

Anonymous said...

We have also been doing some summer pickin' in New England! Black raspberries and blueberries so far! Enjoy!!!! Too cute!
karen teoli

Anonymous said...

Is that Elias squatting down while picking berries? Oh my gosh, is he starting to look older! I have been thinking about you guys and hoping you are well, and now I see that you are. Please tell Elias that I said hello.

Danielle Hyde