Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chase in Haiti- Update #1

Chase is in Haiti! A few weeks ago he connected with a group of medical professionals and other Christians here in Austin who have been involved in helping the Haitians since the day after the earthquake.

Chase was asked to help establish a prosthetic clinic in Haiti and he jumped at the chance! There was an extra spot on a private jet so he left for Haiti on Tuesday morning. He only found out about the trip three days ahead of time, so his mind was a bit of a whirlwind as he tried to make plans and gather his thoughts and things before leaving. He was so thankful that his boss let him go on such short notice.

Today was his first full day in Haiti. We finally had a successful phone connection this evening so he talked as fast as he could before the phone went dead. These are the basic details of his time so far....

He is working with a ministry called Mission of Hope that has been in Haiti since 1998. Located about eight miles north of Port Au Prince, MOH is in a strategic location and is doing incredible things. Chase said they are feeding up to 400,000 people a day! They have 18-wheelers coming in delivering much-needed supplies that are then used by MOH or distributed throughout Haiti. They also have a church, school, orphanage, clinic and are building a hospital. Chase and others will be setting up the prosthetic clinic in the basement of this hospital.

Chase went around Port Au Prince today and said that people are slowly getting back to living life again. Vendors are out selling their wares in the streets and cleanup is beginning. There are piles of rubble everywhere, but some buildings are left standing and operating once again.

He passed by a white-looking field about an acre in size. He was told that it is a sulfur mine area but has now become a dump for an estimated 80,000 bodies. The bodies were dumped there in hopes that the sulfur would cover the stench of the decay. Horrible. Just horrible.

Part of the amazing timing of this trip which seemed random but was certainly ordained by God is that Chase was able to take part in a very important meeting today with all the international players involved in medical and prosthetic care in Haiti. He said it was like the UN- people from all over the world from various organizations and the UN, WHO, IRC, USAID, Handicap International, etc. It was a very serious meeting for people to report who they are and what their intentions are in Haiti.

Chase was third in line to stand up and speak, and he said he was nervous but just prayed for the right words to communicate. He was relieved that no one drilled him with questions like they did with the others and he credits that to the solid reputation that Mission of Hope has in Haiti. He had several people come up and talk to him afterwards and was invited to a second meeting tomorrow for prosthetists to go over more technical details of prosthetic care there.

He also spent time playing with kids in the orphanage today and can't wait to go back and play more tomorrow.

Chase feels amazing favor from the Lord and miraculous provision. Thank you for your prayers!

He ended the call by saying, "My life will never be the same... and neither will yours!" Looks like we have some new adventures ahead and I can't wait!

I'll post more as I hear from him. He's been trying to send pictures so hopefully I can post them soon.


Heather said...

yay!! I've been stalking your blog for an update on Chase. Love reading about how God is using him in Haiti. What an adventure. Can't wait to see what God unfolds next!

Kat said...

Wow...just wow...God is so awesome and what and amazing opportunity...God is good!

Erin said...

I am SO thrilled!!! Go Chase!!! And go Meagan!!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Heather A. said...

So glad that you're back in the bloggy world. Your family's faith is so inspiring!

cindy said...

Wow. How wonderful that Chase is sharing his expertise in this way. I’m sure he has so much to give. Hope you’re doing ok holding down the fort. And the ABC video of your family’s story is just lovely.