Friday, March 5, 2010

Chase in Haiti- Update #2

I had one quick conversation with Chase yesterday (in the middle of coaching Elias in his T-Ball practice). He said that things are going really well. His biggest impression is Mission of Hope and the amazing things they are doing in Haiti. Even more, the amazing vision they have for the future.

Chase spent a lot of time yesterday sorting supplies and food from containers. It was mind-numbing work, but desperately needed. Three more 18-wheelers with containers were arriving last night, and two more today. While many organizations are not able to get their supplies out of the port, Mission of Hope has access to one just five minutes away from their facility. So, supplies come through in a quick, steady stream and they are able to get them distributed to the people and organizations that need them most.

The morning started out heavy with a woman dying in the clinic. Death is such a part of life there. As he watched a line of 150-200 people line up at the clinic as the sun was rising, they spontaneously burst into song, then into prayer with one another. God is redeeming the Haitian people and it has been amazing to witness that in person.

He plans to evaluate amputees today and possibly work in another clinic. I don't know much other than that.

Thanks for your prayers everyone!

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Erin said...

Wowsers. What an amazing experience.