Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tuesday a.m.- Dressed and ready to go down for surgery.

Tuesday a.m., right after surgery. We came back to our room and read books for a while.

Wednesday a.m.- Finally feeling good enough to play with tractors again.

Wednesday p.m.- a brief outing in the stroller out of the hospital room and down the hall to the FUNNEST game room ever.

Thursday a.m- Hanging out in the hospital bed, surrounded by toys and watching his new favorite, Thomas the Train. The docs removed all the bandaging around the stump and now he only has gauze and tape along the incision.

Thursday p.m.- Wagon ride around the block. It felt so good to be home and get outside!


Anonymous said...

So glad that you are home. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They made me laugh and cry!

What a precious family you have.

Love, Angie & Greg

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is to see that smile on his face! I cannot believe that you are already home -that is so wonderful. My prayers are with you constantly. Cannot wait to see you all in January!

Laurie & Jeff said...

We are so thankful that the surgery went well and that he looks so happy! We have been praying for you guys. What a blessing! Know that you are in our thoughts everyday. Keep us posted with his progress and his adorable photos!!