Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing new here

We haven't posted in a while b/c frankly life seems rather uninteresting lately. Of course we're busy from the moment my eyes open until they close late at night. And why is it that both take forever? My eyelids are heavier than cinder blocks when I want to wake up and lighter than a feather at night when I try to sleep. Argh!

The weather has been terrific here in Western NY which makes Elias thrilled about getting to wear poppy pants everyday. Even more thrilling is when everyone in the family is wearing poppy pants. He waves his arms and throws a little poppy pants party. This kid is a hoot.

Monster truck leg is thoroughly a part of Elias' self now. He wants it on immediately upon waking and doesn't want it off all day. He loves to walk! And stand. Dance. Jump. The other day he said his monster truck leg needed a bandaid. So we stuck one on there. He was so proud of that bandaid on his monster truck. But then we couldn't get it to peel off. It came off in tiny, tiny pieces that we're still finding all over the house. And no, I don't vacuum often.

Once I find my camera I'll post new pictures of recent going ons and some new video of Elias walking.

Oh, and this weekend we're going camping- with three 2-year-olds, one 3-year-old, and two 7-month-olds. Are we crazy? Absolutely!

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shelly said...

glad you posted again.....can't wait to see the little man walking some more