Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Camping Pictures

The camping trip was a ton of fun. We're already making plans to go back in just a few weeks. We didn't get much sleep that first night and all the adults were very weary and groggy that next morning. But we were so exhausted by the end of that second day that we all slept really soundly. Unfortunately Elias HATED the boat and cried the whole time we were out on the lake. Chase's dreams of him becoming an expert wake boarder at age 2 came crashing down. Oh well, there's always next year. :-)
Elias tries out his new sleeping bag. It is a mini air mattress and he was SO excited about it! Of course in the middle of the night in the tent he wasn't so excited about it (b/c my sleeping bag looked much more inviting to him).

He was even more excited when I showed him how he could fold it in half and use it as a chair.
First time to roast marshmallows. Chase showed Elias all his tricks.

Oh yum!
Fishing with Daddy.

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shelly said...

really cute pictures