Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One year ago today:May 8, 2006 PICTURES

One year makes a HUGE difference! Here are some pictures comparing this day last year and today. And then a few of our pictures on our first day with Elias last year. (See the other post from today for the story).

First Family Picture 5/8/06

Family Self-Portrait today, 5/8/07

First time feeding Elias, 5/8/06

Eating with Elias today, 5/8/07 (We had injera to celebrate. Yum!)

Picture with caretaker who loved Elias

Arrival home to the Guest House

Walking with Dad, asleep in the carrier

First bath

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Papa said...

Why is it that I still get all teared up reading this - and I'm trying to teach my math class!!? The story really moves me!! I love reading about Elias!!!