Monday, May 7, 2007

One year ago today:May 7, 2006

We arrived in Addis Ababa late in the evening. Exhausted from the 30 hours of travel yet strangely full of energy at the same time. We were SO busy the days leading up to our departure- completing a huge remodeling job in our attic, Chase finished up his research for his residency, I wrapped up things at work since I wouldn't be going back to that position, we packed 4 bags totaling approximately 260 pounds, got Elias' room ready, etc. It was a crazy time! All the activity made everything seem so surreal.

As soon as I sat in my airplane seat on the first leg of our trip, I burst into tears. The emotion and enormity of the adventure we were embarking on came flooding into my heart and mind and I just fell apart. In a good way. I had prayed to be emotionally connected to everything that was going on and having a good cry crowded out the stress and ushered in the mommy excitement I needed.

Here is my journal entry, 36 minutes before we landed in Ethiopia... Wow! Are we really almost there? The reality comes in waves. I've been watching and holding these beautiful Ethiopian children during the flight and I can't wait until it's my own son in my arms.

Elias, we've loved you for so many months now. We loved and prayed for you before we knew your name. And each day since we saw your picture we've fallen more in love with you. And more in love with our Father who gave you to us. Our thoughts and dreams and daily activities have all been focused on you, and they will be forever now. Tomorrow we meet!

Our 270 lbs of luggage was a big part of our trip. We were carrying so many supplies for the orphanages and were so thankful that it all arrived!

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