Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Haiti Trip #2, Update 1

Chase has been in Haiti for several days now and is having an incredible time. Sounds like it's been exhausting, exhilarating, emotional, and a ton of plain ol' hard work.

Once he arrived home from his last trip just 4 weeks ago he hit the ground running with getting all the details in place to start the prosthetic clinic at Mission of Hope in Haiti. He said it felt like starting a brand new business in three weeks time for a clinic that is 2000 miles away. Throw in the cultural differences and resource limitations and general chaos and it was a tough job! He had lots of help from his boss and doctors and many others around the country who have pulled together to make this dream a reality.

A huge logistical component was ordering all the equipment and supplies for the clinic and getting them shipped just in time. In fact, the shipment was still in customs on Thursday morning, and customs was closing at noon that for the Easter weekend! Miraculously though every single piece of equipment arrived safely at MOH on Thursday evening, just in time for Chase and his crew to arrive and set up the clinic over the weekend. It was hard manual work but they got it all done!

Chase started seeing his first patients on Monday and hopes to have their legs or braces ready by the end of the week.

Today was an emotional day as he had to deliver devastating news to an 18-year-old boy that a prosthetic will not work for his leg due to the condition of his residual limb. This family lost their home in the quake, is living in a tent city and also lost their sister/daughter in the earthquake. Chase said that the conversation with this family today was one of the hardest he's ever had and they all broke down crying together. The only option this boy has is to undergo a second amputation on the same leg and then after it heals the boy would be a candidate for a prosthetic.

Our prayer is that God gives peace to this family to make the right decision and that the shame of disability and immense discouragement of today's news be redeemed by the plans God has for this young man.

Finally, one more story from today. Chase helped with food distribution outside the gates of Mission of Hope today and a riot broke out. Some people were injured and Chase was the ambulance driver to get the injured to the hospital. He said he is emotionally drained and appreciates your prayers!

Thanks for your love and support!

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Anonymous said...

Keeping Chase in our thoughts and prayers. He's doing a wonderful job!!!!!

Melissa and Mike