Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drop Off at the Governor's

Many people across Texas have been hard at work getting petitions signed to show support of the House Bill that will grant coverage for prosthetics for amputees. As I talked about here, this will have a huge impact on the lives of many, many amputees!

My mom was a champion, collecting signatures everywhere she went, including the mechanic and copy store. Thanks Mom!

Several thousand signatures were collected in just over a week. Last Friday we headed back to the Capitol to meet with a few others in the Governor's office to deliver the petitions.

It was great to see our new friends. The adult amputees are encouraged and energized by Elias and how incredibly well he is does with all his running and jumping around. And Elias equally enjoys being around these other amputees and checking out their cool prosthetics.

In Front of the Texas State Capitol
Presenting the Signatures to the Governor's Aide
Signing the Governor's Reception Book

Elias' favorite amputee friend, Frieda

The bill has officially passed through the Senate and will become final when it is signed by the governor in the next few days. Hoorah! This will be a huge benefit to Elias for the rest of his life and we are so grateful towards those who dedicated their time for the last two years to make this a reality for 30,000 amputees across the state of Texas.


Bridge said...

This makes my heart so happy! What a great thing for Elias to be part of - changing the world for the better.

Mama Dog said...

Hooray Elias! Hooray Frieda! Hooray Meagan's Mom! Hooray all of us! This is so inspiring on multiple levels. Look what can be done!

Kelly Rae said...

YYYAAAAYYYY!!!! We are very excited that this has passed, not only for sweet Elias, but for every amputee. Thanks for your involvement...this is a great success on so many levels. It truly shows what can be done when people are compelled to action!

martha said...

Love the pictures! So glad Elias got to present the signatures and we got to be a small part of collecting them. I was amazed at how interested even strangers were in the bill's passage. His little signature is sooo SWEET!


Ami S. said...

Wow - feels good to know that there is still compassion in our government and that the experiences and needs of citizens till matter. Elias is just a little miracle worker in so many ways!