Friday, January 9, 2009

The Color of Poop

Ooo I'm just sure everyone is jumping to read a post with such an inviting title. :-) Thankfully I don't have pictures to post with this one!

I've actually refrained from posting much about poop on this blog, but believe me, we have a LOT of poop stories around here.

One of my favorites so far occured over Christmas time and I thought it was cute and clean enough to actually post on the blog.

Elias was on the potty and I was in the bathroom waiting for him, just as he always wants asks me to. He started to talk about poop (again, very common) and the conversation turned to the color of poop.

"Mom, is your poop white?"

"No Elias, it's not."

"Is all the people's poop white?"

"No, it's not white."

"Well then, what color is it?"

Not wanting to get into too much poop detail I told him poop is usually brown. Elias thought for a minute and then said, "Well, all you people are white, so your poop should be white. And I'm brown, so my poop is brown."

Very thoughtful of this four-year-old boy that figured people poop according to the color of their skin! He starting to talk a lot more about his brown skin color and I just loved this insight into his brain and these new thoughts on race and color.


Erin said...

Robin has also mentioned her brown skin lately. I think Elias is very shrewd. When I was a kid, I thought people with brown eyes saw things with more of a brown hue. Whereas since I have blue eyes, I figured I saw things more blue than they actually were. Turns out that's false.

Anonymous said...

Love the story!! Poop stories are always fun in our household.
Nathan had a good laugh too:)