Friday, December 12, 2008

Dossier is 8,483 miles away

Remember that blue folder? Well, we just got news today that all of its contents are now assembled into our dossier and on their way to Ethiopia! This is great news as it means we are officially on the waiting list for a child.

Of course that also means the wait just got a little harder. Ugh.

We really hope to adopt an amputee child again, and we are prepared to wait longer for that to happen. Our agency director told me back in 2005 that the Ethiopian government doesn't think amputee children will be adopted so they aren't released into the orphanages or care centers very often.

Just as there was a plan with Elias, we are confident that there is with this child as well. We know that God will bring us together with him or her at exactly the right moment, and not a day later. And that brings us great peace!


Erin said...

Amen! I know it's true! And I am very excited for you:)

Kelly Rae said...

YAYYYYY!!! We'll be praying for you knowing that He has already orchestrated the events that will bring your baby into your home! We'll pray for peace that surpasses all understanding while you wait!

Sommer West, MPH said...


We're so excited for you three. What a fun journey God has in store for your family.

:) Sommer

Brad & Carrie said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats! We're about a month or so behind you guys. We're excited to see what the Lord does with your family.