Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween 2008

Sorry I'm so late in getting these pictures posted!

We had a hard time coming up with a Halloween costume. Elias wanted to be supermanbatmanspiderman. By the time I got my act together and started looking for costumes, most stores were already selling costumes at clearance. And this was three weeks before Halloween! Apparently people get all crazed out about Halloween when the economy is bad. Seriously. I saw that on CNN.

So I thought of Bob the Builder and knew Elias would love it, but I would have to convince him a little. So I had a great strategy... I pulled up the internet and Elias looked at pictures of Bob the Builder online. Then he played a few Bob the Builder games, we read a BTB story and at the height of his enjoyment, I sprung the big question.

"How would you like to be Bob the Builder for Halloween?"

He was ecstatic.

And I was relieved.

Bob the Builder goes to party at preschool
Bob the Builder comes home from school, ready to play but quickly falls asleep on the job.

Warm-up run before "truck" or treating
(he seriously thinks that's what it's called)
Bob the Builder has an identity crisis and "arrrs" like a pirate
At the church festival with Uncle V and Aunt Meg
A great family night!


Kelly Rae said...

LOVE the pics! Love the motherly coersion into BOB!

Sommer West, MPH said...

Hi guys. I found your blog. I love to find fellow bloggers.

Elias makes a super cute Bob the Builder!

I love what you did to convince him - I'll have to remember that when Liam is older.

Brad & Carrie said...

I love that picture of him sleeping! If only I could sleep that sound.

How's adoption stuff? We are almost done with the home study and hope to submit dossier by the first of the year!!!

Jen said...

Wow- that photo of Elias asleep is priceless, something to bring up when he's a teenager!