Monday, March 10, 2008

Monster Truck Rally

Elias' long awaited dream finally came true- - a trip to the Monster Truck Rally. And he hasn't talked about much else ever since. (But that's not really saying much because all he really ever talks about is monster trucks. Seriously. I'm not kidding. It is an obsession).

We got to the show a little early and found some great seats. Then we moved down the the second row for the last part- the freestyle competition. To be honest it was a little scary to be so close with mud spraying in our faces and the deafening rumble of the trucks threatening to bust our eardrums. Not to mention being eye level with theses HUGE tires that seem as though they're going to roll right into you.

Elias's favorite part was the donuts. Not the eating kind, but when the MTs (that's Brown family lingo for Monster Trucks) go around and around and around in circles. Pretty wild.

I highly recommend that everyone visit at least one show in their lifetime. It's America at it's finest, and the best people watching you'll ever have. :-)

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