Sunday, December 16, 2007

THREE years old, THREE parties!

Celebrating Elias' 3rd birthday has been a ton of fun! He had his first party when we first arrived in Texas with all his cousins since not all of them would be in town for his real birthday party.

His next party was on his actual birthday in Austin at Aunt Meg's house. While he was sleeping we worked hard on making these little car cakes. They were awesome and he loved it! Best of all though, Elias could actually eat these cakes since they were wheat, egg, and dairy free! The neighbor kids came over and we stuffed ourselves, then jumped in the car for Dallas, which was an extra long drive (6 hours!) b/c of bad weather.

Finally, we celebrated in Dallas at Nani's house with grandparents, cousins, friends, and aunts and uncles. This time he had a Lightning McQueen cake that Lulo (Chase's mom) did and it turned out perfect!


Ami said...

Thanks for all the posts Megs - was missing all the updates!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan, Chase, and Elias. I miss you guys and was really excited to look at pictures of my friend Elias. I have kept the collage of pictures you gave me on my refrigerator. A couple of people have been over (and worn some cozy slippers) and asked about the pictures, so I have been able to happily talk about you all. Merry Christmas.


Danielle Hyde

Elizabeth said...

DUDE - love the updates, but update MORE!!!! It's not like you're busy or anything. :-)