Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Candy candy candy. We got a LOT of it tonight. And such a shame that Elias is allergic to chocolate. :-)

Our tradition is to take our two little friends from Somalia along with us for trick-or-treating. This was our fourth year, and maybe the best one yet!

We went to a few of our neighbor's houses where Elias would yell "TWUCK O TWEEEET" multiple times and then as soon as the candy dropped in his bucket he'd say "Let's go to another house!" Then drove to where a group of our friends from church were handing out candy. Along the way the kids were really quiet in the car, so I asked if they were tired. This was Elias' exact response...

Tired? Who's tired? We're not tired. We're HAAAAPPY!

Elmo, Mermaid, and Princess Fiona

Sweet Pea Eli and Elmo


Elizabeth said...

SO cute!!!

shelly said...

look at him bending that it!..oh yeah love the comment about not being tired!

Anonymous said...

I just read all the recent postings for Elias' blog and I was so happy (and brought to tears!) to see how well he is doing and how big he has gotten since I moved away a year and 1/2 ago. He is quite the singer too! :)

Susy Q said...

Beautiful children, and I love the costumes!