Saturday, March 31, 2007

Prosthetic Boot Camp

We just returned from a week in Erie, PA at Shriners Hospital for Children (same hospital where Elias had his amputation) where Elias attended Prosthetic Boot Camp. It was an intense week, but our trooper made some good progress. The big area of focus was helping him gain confidence in balancing and using his prosthetic leg to stabilize. This was accomplished through 473 different creative activities that changed every few seconds, depending on the whims of a particular 2 year old. PTs have a tough job!

Here are a few video snapshots of Elias in his PT sessions.

Taking a few steps on his own:

Elias got a sweet new ride- a bright yellow walker. This one has 4 wheels, 2 that swivel, and he can get around easier and his gait is more smooth with it.

Riding on a scooter:

Elias LOVES the game room at the hospital where we spent all our free time. I couldn't pry him away from the train table.

When Elias is concentrating on something, he can stand unassisted for quite a long time.


Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing process this has been! Where can I sign up for one of those yellow walkers - that is a sweet ride...Lots of love!

5KidMom said...

So cool! Elias is doing so well!!

Anonymous said...


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